Hey y'all! Yes, we've been a little MIA, but that's okay. We have a few new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Today, we visited Shelby Farms to see the horses since we haven't seen them since earlier this year. Since the weather has been much warmer since, say February, we wanted to see what photo ops we could find. Sometime during our absence, a baby horse was born, so that was a treat to capture on camera. 

You know what isn't a treat? Getting rained on by a pop-up shower. We were in the middle of taking some pictures of horses when an oh so light sprinkle started. No big deal. Until the rain picked up and became a heavy shower of coldness that made you appreciate the southern heat. Unfortunately, our car was about 400 yards away, so our options were to either stand in the rain and look pitiful or make the run of shame to the car. We chose the latter. Naturally, once we reached the car, the rain slowly picked up and stopped shortly thereafter. 

Anyways, during our time with the horses, we encountered a horse who was reaching through the barb-wired fence to eat. I guess the grass was indeed greener on the other side. After a few pats on the head and neck, we were able to feed it some of the said grass. For someone who has never fed a horse before, it's a big deal. 

Untitled photo

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