Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to participate in Starkville's annual Cotton District Arts Festival.  Every year, arts and crafts vendors from all over the area set up booths in the famous Downtown Starkville and sell their products to thousands of people they encounter. Whitney has attended the Arts Festival for several years while she lived in Starkville, so to say she was excited about this experience was an understatement. 

The day started at the very early time of 4:15 AM when we had to get up and head out to our designated spot.  Even though we went to Starkville the night prior, we were still pretty tired after a full work day that Friday.  As we got closer to the set up area, we had to get creative on how to unload everything since our stands and inventory filled 2 cars.  Plus, the street was filled with numerous cars, vans, and trailers being unloaded, too (read: Tetris and dodgeball rolled into one in real life).  Once we were unloaded and began to set up, we had a pretty sunrise to admire in the process.  If only we had a great view and our camera ;)

The festival started at 8 and we had our pictures hung and business cards ready to go.  Ryan created our display walls completely from scratch and they were quite impressive.  Our collection of pictures consisted of various landscapes and wildlife that you can find in our galleries on this website.  After a day of meeting new people and seeing old friends, we were finally done.  Even though the festival ended at 5, our day didn't finish until about 6.  Remember that Tetris and dodgeball game from earlier? Round 2 happened once the festival was done.

Next year's Cotton District Arts Festival will take place on April 13, 2019, so if you're in the Starkville area, please be sure to stop by and stock up on your favorite pictures!

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